Ai Yashiro

Ai Yashiro.

Ao Yashiro (八代 藍 Yashiro Ao), referred to as Ane-san ("Sis") by Yusuke, is a detective and the leading operative of the police force formed to fight the Grongi. She mistakes Decade for "Unidentified Lifeform #10" after Decade destroys Baberu. While investigating the lair of the Grongi to take out the resting N-Gamio-Zeda, she and her group are overwhelmed by the miasma caused by the Grongi leader's revival. However, Yusuke is not able to save her in time, as the poison she breathed in later killed her. Prior to her death, she makes Yusuke promise that he will fight in order to protect everyone's smiles.

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