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Welcome to the Asian TV Feet WikiEdit

Welcome To Asian TV Feet. Here,we find and post feet scenes from Live Action Asian TV shows and Movies. Why? Because I feel that we need a wikia of this.

About This WikiaEdit

Our Mission is to find and post all kinds of Female Foot scenes from Japanese,Chinese,Korean,and Hong Kong TV (and Movies).


  1. No Pornographic Scenes.
  2. All Movies and TV Shows (all types) Must Be From Either Korea,Japan,China,or Hong Kong.
  3. Live Action Only! (obviously!)
  4. Female Feet Scenes Only (natch!)
  5. Please Be Organised.

Other Than these,Have fun.


To put the Pics and text into the approprate Category, Highlight 'Wiki Content' and highlight 'Top Catagories'. Then choose the Page you wanna add on to. And finally put the content in the correct sub page.